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Famous and single?
Connect with successful people outside of your current circle.

Celebrity dating

Private & anonymous dating for celebrities & successful people

You're known worldwide, single, and want to date outside of your usual circle. A mass-market swipe-based app isn't right. LUSSO Dating has been purpose-built for privacy and its unique structure helps attract serious, successful singles.

Anonymous dating

Let's get technical as it's of the utmost importance.

GPS locations are approximated, pictures are optional and pixelated. Communication is blocked by default and only open to VIP (upgraded) members, which also turns off the pixelation. Profiles are first names only and are defined by attributes and interests. With very limited VIP accounts available and an upgrade price that is significant (up to $1,000 / month) encourages only the most serious and successful singles use LUSSO Dating.

LUSSO Dating is not a mass-market swiped based app, it's substantially different.

LUSSO luxury dating

Out of your circle
Out of your circle
LUSSO Dating enables you to connect with singles who you may not know. They may be celebs, entrepreneurs, or athletes amongst any other successful careers. It could just be what you need to find your ideal match.
Pixelated photos
Pixelated photos
Not anyone can see your photo. An upgraded account is required to unlock photos, this significantly reduces the number of people knowing you're a member. In addition, you may crop your photo to remain anonymous or not use a photo at all.
The only personal data required is an email to register and it's good practice to use a unique address for dating. Locations are approximated, first names only, and profile descriptions don't reveal identifying information.
If you wish to stop communicating with anyone just tap the block button. All conversations will stop and you will no longer appear in their search results. It's like you disappeared from the site.

The founder

LUSSO Dating is the creation of David Minns, BEng (Hons), a multi-award winning online dating entrepreneur with over 15 years of industry experience. Recognised as a dating sector leader by Global Dating Insights he is well-positioned to create and high-quality and unique product.

Although David is not a celebrity, prior to being a dating entrepreneur he has given lectures and presentations to rocket scientists in the field of computer-simulated aerodynamics. He certainly understands attention to detail which was essential in producing LUSSO Dating.

Media coverage

LUSSO Dating has been featured by multiple media outlets, including:

Choose LUSSO

Becoming an exclusive member of LUSSO Dating may enable you to create new lasting friendships, it may also be the source of the love of your life. Take the leap and open an account today.