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Looking for a date out of this world?
Be the first couple to ever arrange a date in space.

The first date in space

Find your dream astronaut with LUSSO Dating

LUSSO Dating connects the most successful singles on earth and you can now select 'Space tourism' as a profile interest. LUSSO Dating will give you the opportunity to find a date who shares your passion for adventure and you could become the first to arrange a date in space. A window seat with the best view in the solar system awaits.

Opportunity of a life time

Where did you guys go on your first date? Space!

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are both very close to starting their space tourism ventures. LUSSO Dating's challenge for 2021/2022 is to connect two like-minded singles who are willing to go into space and have the financial power to back it up. It's probably advisable to split the bill on this one!

LUSSO Dating is one of the most private dating sites in the world. Photos are pixelated and only unlocked to exclusive VIP members.

LUSSO luxury dating
Becoming an astronaut has been the childhood dream of millions and it's now becoming a reality for the fortunate few. If you find a match to blast off into space then you will be entered into the history books.
VIP Access
VIP Access
By default, communication is blocked and unlocked with a VIP account. This ensures you are chatting with serious singles, rather than people just here to boost their ego, there are plenty of apps already for this.
We know you require privacy so have developed a platform with first names only, approximated GPS locations and pixelated photos. Photos are always optional and you only need to reveal your identity when you feel it's right to do so.
LUSSO Dating is highly exclusive as there are limited memberships that allow communication. This ensures our members are engaged and serious about dating. Our ethos is to have a very select membership that you can chat with directly.

The founder

LUSSO Dating is the creation of David Minns, BEng (Hons), a multi-award winning online dating entrepreneur with over 15 years of industry experience.

David is a mechanical engineer who has had the privilege of working with the aerospace and space industry first hand. He has also given technical lectures to 'rocket scientists', just in case you need reassurance that he knows what he's doing.

Media coverage

LUSSO Dating has been featured by multiple media outlets, including:

Be the first

Make history and arrange your first date in space and your adventure will become your legacy.

LUSSO Dating is not affiliated with Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin.